1. Is he dreaming?

  2. Dog days of spring on the deck

  3. at Henry’s Café Local

  4. monty python football (by meskalino)


  5. "Venture capital is not a rags to riches story. It’s the inspiring tale of redeploying resources from a lower- to a higher-performing asset class. There’s nothing wrong with that - I find it kind of magical - but let’s not pretend we’re doing something else. In particular, let’s not pretend that this is an engine for social justice. You need a separate corporate philanthropy branch for that."
  6. Still frozen

  7. Big field, tiny dog


  8. "

    In some weird organic process, the pantheon of programming languages have ordered themselves in terms of prestige. It’s as random but undeniable as music and fashion. Radiohead is on one end, and Nickelback is on the other. No one knows precisely how they got there, but there they are.

    On the Radiohead end, you’ve got Common Lisp, Scheme, Smalltalk, and a few others. Scheme is even more Lisp than Lisp, so it’s like that weird avant garde band no one’s heard of that Radiohead always claims inspired their latest album. If Lisp is Radiohead, Scheme is Kraftwerk.


  9. "

    He appeared, in a curling cloud of smoke, at the office of Netscape with a moral imperative to bring Scheme to the browser. Alas, the suits shut that shit down for reals, like they do most higher purposes. What he ended up slapping together in ten fevered days instead was JavaScript, a language designed to look like Java and act like anything but.

    Given that it didn’t have Java’s semantics, what semantics did it have? Later historiographers started trying to fill in that blank. Since Scheme was Eich’s original BFF, they surmised that’s where it gots its semantics from. The hypothesis was that Eich garbed his creation in a sheepskin of semicolons and curly braces to appease his corporate overlords, but that sexy wolf was inside the whole time.

  10. The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) (by Lauris Beinerts)

  11. Serious

  12. Carbon-negative energy source powers homes on walnut shells - Cnet TV (by Cnet TV)