1. My trip to Maine, April

  2. at Bates College

  3. Modern technology

  4. Cereal bar

  5. Old house, creepy attic

  6. Campus st (at Bates College)

  7. April 21 in Maine, still snow (at Bates College)

  8. John Bonham - Fool In The Rain - Drum track solo’d (by jockamofeena)

  9. Is he dreaming?

  10. Dog days of spring on the deck

  11. at Henry’s Café Local

  12. monty python football (by meskalino)


  13. "Venture capital is not a rags to riches story. It’s the inspiring tale of redeploying resources from a lower- to a higher-performing asset class. There’s nothing wrong with that - I find it kind of magical - but let’s not pretend we’re doing something else. In particular, let’s not pretend that this is an engine for social justice. You need a separate corporate philanthropy branch for that."